About Me

Hi there! My name is Hao Hao Tan (郑豪好), or you can call me Harry. I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and currently residing in Singapore.

I am a machine learning engineer at BandLab Technologies, applying AI/ML to assist music creation workflow (such as SongStarter). I mainly work on MIR topics such as music generation, transcription, auto-tagging, etc., and I also work on more engineering-sided stuffs such as on-device model serving.

My experience revolve around technology that empowers music / creative applications. Before BandLab, I was a backend engineer at TikTok, working on the deep ranking module of TikTok’s main feed recommendation architecture. I also worked at a music tech startup called Fairphonic, which tackles the issue of music royalties payout, and I helped build a deep-learning based music content recognition engine that can identify both originals and covers.

Outside of my day job, I also work on some independent research / open-source projects. Some of my projects are:

I am a classically trained pianist, but sometimes I make some weird electronic beats - you can check them out on SoundCloud.

Please feel free reach me at helloharry66@gmail.com or @GoodGood014 on Twitter.